So Happy To Be Home In My Ford.

Quite a few years ago I fell on very hard times and my only option was to leave home to live in a place where I had no friends, family, or car called the Job Corps it was about 7 hours away from my nearest relative. It was okay, but needless to say I missed my family very much. While I was there the local radio station held an essay contest, so I wrote an essay about how much I missed my home and family, especially my grandmother. Well, I was blessed enough to win the contest and the prize was a lap top computer. A few months later I got to go home and I decided to stay. I sold that Lap Top computer (which at that time was very expensive) and I bought my first Ford. It was a Navy Blue Ford Taurus and I loved it. Even though it was used it ran great and I felt like a queen driving down the street in my Ford Taurus. Ford always has and always will have a world wide appeal of class and charm about their vehicles, that combined with the fact that they are American made makes owners feel extra special and I am no different. I also loved how comfortable my Taurus was; it was like riding on a cloud, and I was home. Nothing or no one could bring me down from cloud nine. Thank you Ford and thank you grandmother for always being there. One last note, my grand mother came down with Alzheimer's disease a few years ago and can no longer drive the car of her dreams, her Ford Crown Victoria. I guess all good things really do come to an end.