Shock And Awe

By Marc W.

Just occurred! My wifes car had 65,000 miles on it and so was time to get timeing belt changed, took it to dealer (hyundai).
Now here's the interesting part;
My vehicle is a Ford Taurus Limited,has those huge chrome clad wheels,Pearl white finish (bought it new) Anyhow, my wife shows up for the ride home,and as I get into the car,I glance at the showroom window  and all 4 sales persons as well as the sales manager were rushing to the window (almost falling over each other) to view this sparkling Ford on the lot, honest to God their eyes where as big as golfballs,even my wife noticed the look. They watched us drive out, I was very odd, it was like I just showed up with some unreal technology neverbefore seen by man-kind. Prior to this Taurus I had a lexus, and never got that kind of response, in fact it was such a crazy thing I just had to share it with someone.... that's some crazy stuff!