Saving My Bacon

After leaving the Army in 1997 to pursue a fedral law enforcement position I fell on tough finacial times.  The Dea was procesing my application at the speed of Government and I just wasn't making enough.  I had at the time a beautiful 1994 Thunderbird that I did not want to loose or ruin my credit.  I call Ford Motor Credit and they gratiously extended my payment schedule, allowing my to keep the car my credit score and my dignity. ( I end up going back to the Army).  Since 1986 I have owned a 1968 Mustang, a 1967 Ford Galaxie, my beautiful 1994 T-Bird, a 1998 Expidition, a still driving 2002 E350 cargo van, a 2008 Ford Edge awd, and now the nicest of them all my 2012 Black Taurus.  My Taurus is a head turner and I have had several Audi and bmw owners ask me what kind of car I have and then when I tell them the price I see the disapponitment in thier face.  You helped me out when the chips were down and I am loyal to the end customer and subsequent Stock owner.  I look forward to getting my hands ona new Cobra ina few years.