Satety Features Protected Life

I was rear ended today by a hit and run driver, while stopped at a red light. I was driving a 2000 Ford Taurus, that we had carefully maintained.

We must have been hit with quite a force, because our seats were bent backwards. The rear bumber was bashed in and the trunk flew upen. The force of the impact pushed me across the intersection. The car lost power. I had no power steerting and no power brakes but I was able to maneuver the car onto the shoulder. At this point, I do not detect any serious injury in myself, although my wife is complaining of back pain.

The head rest and the shoulder harness saved us from more severe injury. My head did not whip backward, although the force of the mpact was enough to bend the seats backwards. I leared from the tow truck operator that the fuel line was automatically cut off, so there was no explosion or fire.

In this case, the engineering worked. The headrest, the shoulder harness, and the fuel line cutoff stopped a powerful rear end collision from becoming a disaster. If anybody has a well maintained 2000 Ford Taurus that you would like to sell, let me know. I'm looking for a replacement vehicle.

Unfortunately, the driver who caused this accident left the scene. I barely had enough time to get a description of his vehicle. A witness saw the accident but recorded the wrong license plate number.

I had collision coverage, so I'm not going to be out the whole cost of the vehicle. II'm glad to be alive and that there were no more serious injuries