Safety In My Totaled 2010 Taurus Limited

By Dia C.

Driving to work,on the morning of April 14,2011, I was stopped at a 4-way stop. After stopping and no cars in sight, I proceeded to make my left turn, only to have been stopped by another car that had come out of nowhere, and proceeded to go through the stop sign.My Taurus was hit on the left (while I was turning) and when the cars came to a stop, instead of facing west (the direction I was going) , both cars were facing east. My car sustained damage to the left quarter panel(gone), left wheel,bumper, headlights,grille, radiator,hood, and lower right quarter panel. I was shaky, but able to get out of the car.I had bruises, on my left hand & finger, left calf, and pain on left side/ribs..I was thankful for being able to walk out of my car.Once hit, the engine cut off and the flashers went on.That, the drivers air bag, and seat belt , worked exactly as they should. I feel that that's what helped me, plus the fact that the Taurus took the brunt of the hit, which by the way was from a 2000 Explorer(most likely @ about 30mph).My car was totaled because of some frame separation under the cowl by the left side of windshield,which was found by the appraiser when the hood was opened. They tell me I was lucky to have just the injuries I had and if it were a different car it could have been worse.I really agree with that.I am looking for another Taurus Limited, as similar to what I had as I can find, but it;s going to be tough,as I got a really good end of the year deal on mine when I got on 12/23 ,with lower milage.The day of the accident it only had 16,718 miles on it. The ones I'm finding now have high miles and/or more extras than I'd like and light color interior(like the black). Mine just had the package with heated & cooled seats, rear sun shade and limited mats. I have a lease car to share with my son for now until the right one comes along and I know it will. Ford says - Safety is Job 1 - well in my books Ford is #1 .Unfortunately, I had to experience the safety features, but I am grateful,that I can say I was able to walk out of my car.Thank you Ford, you have me as a customer from now on.
Ahmad Princo 09/16/2011
i will buy my new tautus next week wish me luck guys
Tyler 05/21/2011
Great Story and hope you find a new Taurus to enjoy.