Our Taurus Saved My Wifes Life

My wife wrecked out 08 Taurus Limited on November the 15th. She hit a guard rail, concrete barrier, then a semi at interstate speed at the gas tank was dug down the interstate for 1/2 mile came out under the trailer and cleared the barrier and landed in the median. She needed 8 stiches and a screw in her knee.
Lols Finnisher 07/18/2011
Well Dave, at least the new 3.5L engines for 2010 and 2011 helped make up for that.

But that is a nasty wreck. Glad to hear it all ended up okay in the end... hitting/getting hit by a semi is no small thing...
Dave Lyons 02/09/2011
People always discounted the Five Hundred/Taurus because it didn't have enough horsepower. Seeing is believing, there are more important things than pure hp numbers... So happy she is doing well and didn't get hurt.