Our Family Car

My wife and i were married January 12, 2002 and shortly there after we traded my Ford ranger and her Toyota Corolla for our Ford Taurus. This was and has been our only car for the first ten of many years to come marriage. This car has seen the arrival of our two beautiful children now six almost seven year old daughter and five year old son. We've had numerous vacations, visits to families, and occasionally even a trip or two to the emergency room. Our Ford Taurus now has 153,000 mile and has taken us everywhere. I never thought a car could or would become part of our family but one time when it needed to have some maintenance our children became upset because they were worried about as if it were a sick friend. We love our family car and from all the Smith's we thank you.
charles Morneau 12/27/2011
Nice people, Nice story, I wish them many more happy years--but it sounds like they are just about ready for a new Flex Limited.--Go for it!!