New Years Eve Horror Story

On New Years Eve 2013, my husband was involved in a near head on collision. He was driving at about 50 mph, the other driver was high on methamphetamine and doing 75 mph.
My husband turned our Taurus wagon at the last moment to sacrafice the  passenger side when he realized impact was inevitable. There were, thankfully, no other people in the car. He rolled the wagon, slid on the highway and the car came to a stop on its roof. He was able to crawl out the drivers side window. He suffered a severly broken wrist, some cuts and bruises.
It's a miracle he survived at all. I thank Ford for building a safe and reliable car that is more than 15 years old. I think if this were any other car, he would not have made it. Thanks to Ford, my children still have their father around!
Thank you, thank you,
Colleen Demand