My Friends Taurus

I wanted to write you and tell you about my friend Kelly Griffin. She has a Ford Taurus that has over 300K miles on it! That has been the best car. She just replaced the transmission, but the car is still going! Kelly has to travel over 500 miles every weekend to work, because she has been umemployed for over 2 years. I just wanted you to know her story & how good her Taurus has been. I worry about how far she drives every week with the miles on her car, but she cannot afford to buy a new one. Just thought you would like to know how many miles she has gotten out of her Taurus and wondered if this is something you wanted to use as an advertisement and maybe help her to get another one. A used one would be fine for her. I am proud of Ford. I would have never thought you would have built a car that would last this long@ We tell eveyone about it. Thank you! Way to go USA!