My Ford Taurus Wagon

My wife and kids suggested I write about my car. I own a 1999 Ford Taurus wagon that I purchased used in 2001. It had at the time about 56,000 miles on it. Since that time, I have put approximately 356,000 additional miles on my vehicle. I have had to put a rebuilt transmission (120,000 Jack Keller Ford G.R.MI.), a water pump, and front coil springs in that time. I've previously owned 2 Taurus vehicles, and both were very reliable, exceeded the 200,000 mile mark, and were operational when I sold or traded them in. Unfortunately, even though it still runs, it appears that I have blown the head gasket in my wagon and will probably have to scrap this it out. I hate doing it because its like an old friend that was so dependable all these years. I didn't always take the best care of it, but it always took care of me. You can be very proud of The Ford Motor Company, how you have persevered during these trying times, and the wonderful cars that you produce. I know I am.

SincerlyDaniel T. Holtz