Ms. Tori The Taurus

It took me four times to get my license. I wasn't 16 like most people, I held onto my permit for four years until I sent in for the test. I was always a nervous driver, hence why I failed the test three times. I drove my brother's Honda Accord for the tests, and just did not feel comfortable in her. Finally they gave in and gave me my license, and I was sent off to drive on my own- that's when my mom gave me Tori. Tori is a tan 2005 Ford Taurus (I don't know the proper color!). My mom got her in New Hampshire a few years ago, where she also test drove a twin Taurus (only difference was that one had a sunroof). The dealer said that she felt there was something special about Tori as compared to the other one- thus Tori joined the family. I'd never really driven Tori before I got my license, and the second I drove her I knew we were a perfect match.

I absolutely love my Taurus. As a nervous new driver, she really put me at ease- I knew I was safe in a Ford. I bought a 1999 Toyota Camry, but as soon as I drove it I realized it wasn't the car for me. My mom drives the Toyota now, and the Taurus is all mine. I hope to get a Mustang or a new Taurus when Tori eventually goes (which is hopefully not for a while)- I will always drive a Ford. This car gave me the confidence I needed to become a good driver. Thank you for making such an amazing car, Ms. Tori is truly special!
Tyler Wells 06/18/2011
I know how you feel. When I was learning how to drive I was put in a 1995 Honda Civic and the car was low to the ground and felt very flimsy, especially on turns. Then I was put into my mothers 1997 tropical green Ford Taurus GL. There was no changing my mind after that. She has since upgraded to a Chevrolet Malibu, but I have the Taurus, and hopefully it won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
mooo 05/13/2011
Aileen Russell 04/30/2011
BTW- the dent is from my brother backing into a snow bank! Someone is fixing it for me soon :)