Long Lasting Taurus

We bought a 2003 Taurus new, now we are at 265,000 miles.  It has been used for the 100 mile commute since day 1 and continues to take the rush hour pounding of stop and go mixed with freeway speeds.  It still has the original starter, water pump, and alternator.  The powertrain has been untouched as well except for fluid and filter changes.  The Duratec engine  lights up everyday without a whimper.  It is a testament to regular maintenance and a well crafted machine.  It is my wife's car, when she gives people a ride to lunch they are surprised to see the odometer say 265K.  It has be come a subject of conversation at her work to see what the odometer says this week since she has the vehicle with the most miles of all brands in the parking lot.