Legacy Of Taurus

I am twenty-one years old. My whole life I grew up with Fords in our family. We obviously were loyal and still are. It became my dream to work for Ford as I grew up. Recently, my mother passed away and my father passed away. He was very sick in hospice. My car, a green, 1997 Ford Taurus GL named Trixie, was aways our means of transport from when he was feeling well to when I'd drive him to Chemo treatments everyday. My father taught me how to drive in her and to keep her beautiful. We would take many trips to the park and lazy Sundays together. Just three of us.

When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, had gotten worse, and was admitted into hospice, he was talking to my sister and I. Grabbing the air and going on and on about things we didn't understand. Holding one hand on the "steering wheel" and one holding my hand. Then, he said something that struck my heart:

(Dad starts making steering motions like he's driving)

Me: "Dad, what are you doing?"
Dad: "We are driving."
Me: "What are we driving in?"
Dad: "Taurus"
Me; "What kind of Taurus?"
Dad: "97"
Me: "What color is it?"
Dad: "Green."
Me: "What's the name of it?"
Dad: "Trixie."
Me: "Where are we driving to?"
Dad: (smiles) "... Heaven."

I cried so hard. I loved this car so much, and my dad loved it as much as I did. The next day, he passed away. He left the Taurus with me and I always feel like an angel is driving with me. I can't express how much it meant to have that moment. I will never buy anything over my car. She will always be my first car and I will love her and keep her forever. Fords are forever. Reliability, love, and memories.

Thank you, Ford, for giving me a memory from my father and for such a reliable vehicle. Can't even express how satisfied I am.
CARL 11/20/2011
Yes! it is great! I have 99 ford Taurus SE, it is very very very gooooood!! Ford will be my first car forever
Princess Phillips 07/27/2011
I love the story! It baught tears to my eyes. You have to love your car the way it loves you. i am the proud owner of a 97 ford taurus too. i named her turtle because of her green color. your right ford got some great cars! i love my car she has took me far.
H 05/11/2011
That's a great story! I hope that Taurus holds up for you, I'm sure it will.