Laptop Miracle

On August 23rd, my husband left his laptop on the trunk of my Ford Taurus. On August 24 at 5:30 AM I left my garage and headed my 15-mile drive from Bridgeville PA to down town Pittsburgh, PA to start my work day. At 9:00 my husband called me upset that he was sure he left his laptop on trunk of car. I went to the garage and checked, no laptop. I told him that there is no way the laptop could have survived since I travel two major highways going 65-70 MPH. I also that morning drove further since I made a stop at STARBUCKS. He retraced my driving route and to no avail. That night when leaving the parking garage, I was stopped by the attendance. He said, "Hey, did you lose a laptop or leave it on your trunk?" Incredible! Someone saw the laptop ont he trunk in the garage and turned it into the garage office. This was a miracle!