Through BB&L rental in Hoofddorp,the Netherlands,I rented the C-Max from 21/09-09 til 30/09-09. Since I drive a 2002 Ford Taurus,SES, it was an easy choice. And the car was equipped with the desired, Automatic shift, GPS and AC. Most impressive was the engine performance with 4 cyl., since my Taurus has 6cyl. The car was a joy to handle and drive on Hollands narrow roads. This in comparrison to roads in the US. Very pleased with the frugal gas consumption. To sum it up, I can't wait to purchase this vehicle when it's imported into the US in 2011. Wish I didn't have to wait that long. Best regards.
Brett 02/04/2011
I would love to buy this vehicle. My family is about to expand to 5, and 3 carseats in the back of what I currently drive is going to be difficult. Looks like it\\'s the C-max or the Mazda 5. I cant stomack the big SUVs/minivans. Actually sounds like C-max will have better Feul Economy than the Mazda, but the mazda is available now. Lets see how long I can hold out. Please make it available soon!