Guess What Subaru? They Lived Too!

By Dion B.

It was 17Aug14, and it was to be our first night all together as a family.  I was at our new house with the moving truck, and my fiance was travelling back to our new house in my 2010 Taurus sho, with her 17 year old daughter in the passenger seat, and her 6 year old son in the rear seat.I was moving stuff off the truck and into the house, when I noticed I had missed 7 calls in the last 5 minutes from her daughter.  When I called her back, she was panicking stating that they had been hit head on by another car.  I calmed her down, and made sure that she had called the police.  She had and they were there by then. 

My next question was asking how everyone else was.  She said her brother was unconcious and her mom was trapped in the car.  I asked if her mom was ok, but she said she wasn't sure, but she would let me know.

Then I asked her to send me a picture of the car so that I could get my insurance claim going, and hopefully get my insurance to rent me a vehicle as I only had the 26 foot moving truck.  When I saw the picture, my knees hit the ground...I was sure that my fiance was hurt badly by the picture.

The next many hours were horrid as I had no idea of her condition, but finally I learned that she was completely ok, save a broken ankle.  She had surgery a few days later to put pins in her ankle, and is healing fine now.

Later I found out that the other driver was drunk and doing at least 40-50 MPH.  My fiance had gotten down to about 25 MPH, but that's a huge collision, and everyone of those people in that car are alive and fine (except for the ankle of course). 

My Taurus is obviously totalled, but because of the engineering that went into that car, it saved three lives that day.  Say what you want Subaru, but they too lived!!