Heya there! My name is Andrea. Ive been around for 26 years and I live the typical, dreary small town life in Nothern NY. This is a story about how my life went from bland to optimistic, with a car that Ford built in the leading roll.
She was a white car, a 2003 Taurus with a hitch in her get along :) I didn't treat her as good as I should have, so just about everything made a noise, except the radio. (Haha)
My friends named her "Betty White", because "a Taurus is an old woman's car", and because no one knew when she'd have to go into the shop again, or how long she'd be in there. But this car was my hero.
This vehicle was also my sanctuary, my comfort zone. My homelife is second rate at best, and my past decisions have created a moderate task for Future Me to sort out. I usually spent the time I wasn't at work or asleep driving. Aimlessly. On these trips I did a lot of growing, dreaming and admiring countryside veiws. I must have traveled 100,000 miles over the past 2 years.
On one of these expeditions I was involved in a significant car accident. A pick up truck and I met in an almost head on collision. I was airlifted to the closest trauma hospital, and the other party involved wasn't injured. Ms Betty was hauled off to the car graveyard.
Its been a month now, and my body is still mending. Its going to be a longer road than I would like it to be. But on a more positive note, due to this accident Ive gained an astounding appreciation for an infinite amount of "little things". The principal lesson Ive learned is that I shouldnt waste anymore time living in a joyless environment, and Im no longer afraid to make the necessary changes. I dont think my life would have been as promising without the accident, and thanks to the seatbelt and airbag, Im still here to experience life.
I thank you for reading this far and I want to thank Ford for undoubtedly saving my life in more than one way.