Ford Taurus Biggest Fan

i am the biggest Taurus fan. i love every thing about it. from when it was revealed in 2009 i knew it would always be my favorite car. now that the refresh is out , my love for it has grown stronger. i think that it is the best looking full-size car in its class. i don't care what anyone says. i have Taurus die-cast models form the show to the interceptor. i promised myself that the 2013 ford Taurus Sho would be my first car. i'm hoping that i could get one by 11th grade but, for now i still think its beautiful. i wish to meet Earl Lucas because, i wish to work for fords design team one day.
timothy h 11/17/2012
thanks man ,im only 15 but i know a car a mile away by a headlight. i didnt think anyone was gonna get back to me because it seem like no-one cared so thanks... and your awsome
Walter T 09/13/2012
I am proud to have ready your comment. I am a 23 year old black male. Say that most guys of my color and age can't agree with me about how amazing this car is. The styling and the bulky size is all for a stylistic reason. It give the car a look that I can't explain. I think you are awesome man. :-)