Ford Safety Helped Save Our Lives

This email is not a complaint, but a huge THANK YOU & God Bless You! to Ford.
Sixteen months ago, two of my daughters and I were involved in a fatal drunk driving accident. Four vehicles were involved.I am a long time Ford owner.
My Grandfather retired from Ford and often spoke of how well Ford vehicles were manufactured.I have astonishing proof of how much pride you take in Ford automobiles.I have spent the majority of the last sixteen months in a wheelchair, but am progressing by leaps and bounds this past month.The photos are astonishing that all three of us made it out alive. Ford did such an impressive job of producing a vehicle of such high safety standards that it literally helped save our lives.
A member of the fire crew was wearing a helmet camera and they now use that video to teach other members around the area not only how to extricate a victim, but how well Ford vehicles stand up to impact and do not collapse.
I am your spokeswoman! I hold my head high and let everyone know it was a FORD that I was driving!Thank you so much, Carey Portell
Walter T 05/09/2013
I was told by a good friend who drives ambulances that Tauruses are one of the Safest cars on the Road.
Cody M 07/20/2012
our '06 fusion saved my moms life. and i appreciate it everyday. which is just another reason i love ford.
Greg & Carey P 06/21/2012
I was driving a 2010 Taurus. The drunk driver perished in the accident. No one else was injured.
roger w 06/16/2012
So many questions what ended up happening to the drunk driver and the 3 other cars?
Jo Anne Y 05/29/2012
What model was she driving?