Ford Is'nt Just A Company It's A Lifestyle

Where do I start? This Taurus is my first car and I have had it for about 2 years now. One day almost a year ago I was driving faster than I should have downhill on a country road, lost control and hit a guardrail. The damage is'nt that serious, just a major scrape along the right side of the bumper and a slightly crooked trunk. As a teenager I haven’t really had the money to repair it yet, but the accident only made me love and car more for my car than ever before.
My dad was the one who really showed me how American cars were so much better and how as American citizens we have an obligation to buy as many country made products as possible. This changed my life pretty dramatically as almost everything I day dream and talk about are cars. My whole family including grand-parents drive domestic.
Wherever I go I try and convince people how buying American cars (especially Ford) is better for the economy and people as they are the most reliable, safe and innovative cars ever. Whether it is school, my job or even Youtube I try my best to show people Ford is the best and these heartwarming stories I’ve read on this site has really helped me feel like I’m not the only person who feels this way.
I’m also really into sound systems, me and my dad go to shows whenever we can. I have 7200 watts of power going through my car and the speakers make everything rattle. Even still I have never had a problem with my car and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and craftsmanship even just a normal 4 door sedan has.
My Taurus has been through everything with me and with only 12000 miles on it I plan on having it for a very long time. I already have a lot of great memories with this car. As a teenager I drive this car harder than I probably should and even through the neglect I used to give this car “The Bull” has never had an issue.
I can only say one thing, and that’s Thank You to everyone at Ford and to everyone who drives one to keep this amazing company going. I hope to work at the Ford Motor Company one day and I’ll never ever stop spreading the word or buy anything else other than a blue oval.
Aileen Russell 04/29/2011
I have the same one, color and everything! I love mine, she's one of my best friends :)
Harrison Beiser 04/05/2011
I agree with you on everything.
Ed 03/28/2011
I am on my second Taraus which my daughter is now driving. I am now driving the FORD FLEX, which I really like, it has plenty of room an also a great ride