Ford Fool

Please share with all the techs, R&D, builders, admin assts, president and janitors at the corporate office. I bought my first 1984 Ford Mustang in 1986 for $450. I drove it to college and after I graduated in 1988 I sold it for $100. My next 1989 Ford Escort I bought and drove it for 10 years before giving it away. In the meantime I bought a 1994 Ford Taurus I purchased in Sept 1993 smokin hot!!!.  I ended up rolling it 5 times on Hwy 64 in Illinois in Oct 1998 and the seat belt and durable vehicle saved my life.  I bought my next Ford Taurus in 1999, Mini Van in 2001 and traded that van in for another Mini Van in 2004. I bought my first truck a Ford F-150 in 2006.  I fell on hard times and it got repossessed in 2011. I went and got it back from the repo company before they could auction it off and then paid it off in 2013.  Meanwhile in 2008 I traded in my 2004 Mini Van for a 2008 Taurus Sel.  After renting the same on vacation I returned home and bought one, also Hot!!! By the way the dealership I traded it in to still uses it to this day as their courtesy van. 6 years later.  Durability at it's best folks. Last fall I bought my college bound daughter a 2010 Ford Focus it's also smokin hot for a 18 year old college student.  My 14 year old daughter has already laid claim on my 2008 Taurus. She tells me "I know you are going to buy another one, so that's mine".  What can I say. It will soon be paid off and iwill have two Ford vehicles that will be paid off that I will be driving around.  I want to end by saying. I take a lot of flack from my Chevy, Nissan and Toyota friends, but I have and am living proof that Ford is the most durable, reliable and elegant of any.  I service my vehicles only at Ford dealerships, change the oil every 3-5,000 miles and I have never had one quit on me.  Ford is truly #1.  I am your #1 repeat customer and will shout it from the roof top until I can't drive any longer.  You can quote that at your next board meeting.  I am your "Ford Fool" as my friends call me.  I don't mind because they too will soon recognize they are the fools for not driving a Ford. Stay tough, stay strong and stay Ford!!!