Crash Test Dummy

I was recently in an accident in my beloved Taurus--alas, the ones I fall in love with always get wrecked.  The column of traffic in front of me stopped suddenly, and I responded in kind.  But the person behind me had had a good fifty yards coming through the recently changed stoplight to accelerate through forty miles an hour, not noticing the dead stop.  I modulated my brakes in addition to my Ford brake system, then held hard.  My Ford brakes saved the man in front of me, creating a dive into his tow package rather than a jar into his hatch.  And, most remarkably, my seat and headrest cradled me perfectly through the entire incident--I am pain free except for the bruise on my knee from holding the brake.  It is uncanny.  Thanks Ford!  I want to say it again:  because the seat and headrest remained in contact with my body, head and neck, with the perfect help of the seat belt, I am unharmed by an otherwise highly dangerous collision.  The airbag was not necessary and did not deploy, due to the angle of the dive achieved in the collision with the forward vehicle.  Again, thank you Ford for a job well done!