Charlie The Taurus

I first got my car in 2008 in my first year of university. I was driving back and forth from Calgary to Saskatchewan a lot so my parents wanted something reliable for me to be on the road with. In the last 5 years "Charlie" and I had been on a lot of adventures together. Even in the coldest of weather I knew I wouldn't have a problem with him not starting. But on an icy December 11th here in Saskatoon SK, In an attempt to slow down before an icy curve, I lost control of my beloved 1999 Ford Taurus "Charlie" and was involved in the worst accident I've ever been in. After sliding sideways down the free way my back tire finally caught traction and I was whipped repeatedly into the guard rail. First the front end then the back end over and over. If both of my tires would have caught traction at the same time I would have easily rolled the vehicle right into oncoming traffic. Well, Charlie didn't fair so well....the front of the vehicle had been as much as sheared off...and the back end was in pieces. But there I was, strapped into the drivers seat with a bit of whiplash and a sore hip and chest from the seat belt keeping me alive. Based on the severity of the accident I could have ( and probably should have ) been in a lot worse shape afterward. But thanks to that car I was able to easily walk away. Now I am frantically trying to find something that will replace him, and on a students budget I know it will be a struggle because there are not a lot of cars out there that you can rely on like that for a price that is a bit lower. I will definetly miss that car! You can always know your safe in the Taurus!