Born To Drive Fast

Growing up my father had somewhat hid the fact that he used to race a super-stock 1966 mustang when he was younger. Not that he wanted to hide it from me, just that I was too young and the trophies he had won didn't really impact me until the time came when I could drive myself. My first car he let me have and run into the ground, a 1993 Mercury Sable LS taught me how to street race, and of course, lose. being a ford lover all his life, my father went to a public auction and brought home a pretty beat up 1997 Taurus SHO (Super High Output) for pretty cheap. We had gotten that car fixed up and running, and two weeks later it got rear-ended and totaled. I was very lucky enough to buy the car back from the insurance company for $300, and with the rest of the money I was able to find a solid 1997 SHO with slight front end damage. As of today, the two cars are combined to make a mean Ford machine, and all I got to say, is, like father like son.
jake 05/13/2011
love the story my first car is a 1998 taurus sho drive safely fellow sho driver and do you know if the camshafts are welded if they arent then make sure you get them welded