Bedazzled Our Ford With 5,000 Jewels

Meet Plan B named because, well let's just say Plan A didn't work out. After scraping off Plan A, we thought it would be fun to silicone acrylic jewels onto our 1994 Ford Taurus 4-door.
We put over 5,000 jewels on it and stopped counting. The finished product is super shiny and extra fun to drive!
Bill Turner 08/23/2013
Oooh...this car belongs in Nashville...maybe in the Webb Pierce Museum!
richard b 08/23/2013
Nice,Original Touch.
Angi Anaya 05/13/2011
I am in LOVE with this car and want to do it to mine! Did you run into any problems while applying all the jewels? And what supplies did you use? Thanks so much!!
JoLynn Potocki 04/04/2011
@Chris - That's a really common comment about that car- but in reality it's actually very easy to keep clean. Then jewels are sunk into black silicone and all that is needed is a mild soap and washing. The heavy acrylic jewels should have minimal fading but we cover the car to keep sun fading at a minimum :)
Chris Taylor 04/02/2011
Shiny til it gets dirty. How can you clean in between all those jewels?
JoLynn Potocki 03/31/2011
Thanks for your kind words Matthew! Our other art car is here at the Ford Story too - can't post a link but if you wanna see - just look up "Artus".
Matthew Tait 03/30/2011
Hahaha so funny! Nice work.