At 255,000 Miles, This 2001 Ford Taurus Still Keeps Going!

This 2001 Black Ford Taurus believe it or not currently has 255,000 miles on it! It started out as my dad's company car, and after 140,000 miles we purchased it for $2,100. My mom even drove the car for a while! At 245,000 miles, it blew a head gasket, and we rebiuilt the top half of the engine ourselves. It fired back to life, and now has 255,000 miles on it. I purchased the car from my dad for $500, and this is my first car. Ive installed fog lights behind the grill, put the 6 CD changer in the trunk, and a few other minor things. This car just keeps going, and is the most reliable car ive ever seen. on paper we're the second owners, theoretically, we're the ORIGINAL owners.
People get into the car with me and see the odometer, and gasp, because of the high mileage. I can get into this car, and not have to worry about something going wrong and getting stranded its that reliable. I put a license plate on it that says OVR250K, for over 250,000 miles, which people really get a kick out of, Especially in my high school parking lot. We're slowly approaching 260,000. Its amazing what happens when you take good care of something....IT LASTS! I do have to say one thing...the life of this Ford Taurus is FAR from over.
My family and i would like to say thank you Ford Motor Company, for building the best, most reliable, long lasting vehicles out there!
Steve 09/20/2011
255K and a head gasket blew. I have one better. Over 300k and all original with no major work. Built to last forever.
Brian 07/23/2011
I'd like to congratulate you on having such a well-kept Taurus. Come check out the fan community at, I think you'll enjoy the level of enthusiasm there from other fellow Taurus owners. I know they'd love to hear about your car, too!