1cm From Death Thanks Ford For Saving My Life And My Best Friend Life

Thanks ford for saving my life and my best friend life.... 11-12-2012 Monday We were traveling on the high way driving on top speed 210kmph with ford Taurus 2011 it was raining before we went driving on the highway what happened is a loaded truck cut the road to cross to the other side of the lane (Incoming lanes) and we had no were to go since he didn't stop or move fast, the whole road (4 lanes) was almost all blocked by that truck we hit the brake the car start a lil drifting turned a bit to the right we reached the end of the truck almost hit it at 180kmph and we drifted the car off road for about 3m and fell in a small ditch no seat belts no air bags we went out of the car the car had 0% damage and so we did I never expected that from this car so I please you to keep up the good work and develop brake system too, and Thanks big thanks goes for Ford Taurus team for doing their job well in car durability and stability Im deadly sure if it was another car despite couple of models we would've been dead by now. Im not here to make advertisement for the company just want to thank Taurus Team wish you good everyone.