Youngest Contestant

I have been participating in the Mustang Customizer contest from the beginning. My roommates have a 5 year old daughter, Lily, who also loves Mustangs. She comes by her love of Mustangs naturally, as both her parents have had Mustangs and remain enthusiastics. Lily has been customizing Mustangs since before the contest, and knows the difference between the different models. She sometimes takes over the computer and designs Mustangs. She is partial to convertibles, while I tend to prefer hardtops and her creations to be more on the artistic side than the practical side. Lily wants to be an artist someday, but in my opinion she already is one. She would post her creations to Facebook if only she was old enough to have her own Facebook page. Lily wants very badly for me to win the Mustang, but I think she really wants it for herself, lol.