Why I Bought My Mustang

In 1966 I was 18 years old. A clerk at the local grocery store ordered a brand new Mustang Shelby GT 350-R. When he brought it to work, I can recall just staring at it in wonder for literally hours on end. So when I saw a 2008 Mustang Shelby GT California in the showroom of Santa Monica Ford that same passion came to bear - only this time I was the purchaser. Yep, I still stare at it for hours on end - but the sensory perception of driving it, hearing it, polishing it, and showing it makes the dream a reality. So far, 3 first place trophies in car shows does nothing but add to the excitement. The last car show in Woodlake, California even had a picture of the Shelby on their entry poster, previous year winners list, shopping coupon, and event T-shirts. I just know some youngster was staring at this Shelby who will one day buy one for his very own!
M. Starkey 08/15/2012
Hey, Dr. Don, coincidentally, I was 18 in 1966 too ... go figure. Nice looking ride but I do have a question; how do you squeeze under that low-rider to change the oil? (And, I know you change your own oil! :-) ) Did you convince Jody to put a pit in your garage? Looks like you're enjoying retirement. Best wishes. B