Where My Love For Mustangs Began!

I fell in love with the Ford Mustang at an early age. My Uncle owned a 1965 Mustang and he would take me for rides in it all the time. I love the thrill of the speed it could get. I have always wanted a Mustang and I started my own game with a friend where I would punch her in the shoulder every time I saw a Mustang, when other kids were playing Punch Buggy, I was playing my own Mustang version. Thank You Ford for making such a Beautiful Car.
v 03/30/2012
We started our mustang adventure with our 6 cyl convertible (my vehicle) we loved it so that we bought
a gt glass top for my husband. We love these cars they
are not only fun cars but everyone notices you. We did
not know of anyone that had the glass roof before but
we love it - it has a shade if too much light is coming in.
Check it out - it's very unique and so much light comes
into the car and at night you can see all of the stars/moon. This coupe if worth checking out - Both of these cars were a great investment.
We would never part with either one - we do not drive
them in the winter though.

Why drive something boring when you could drive a
fun car like a mustang.