What More Can You Ask For?

I bought my Mystang new in '92. She now has 300,000 on the original engine, transmission, exhaust system, brake master cylinder, power sterring pump, fuel injectors and I still have the original spar tire that has never been on the car. The original clutch lasted 158,000, the original alternator lasted 198,000 miles, and the original starter lasted 230,000 miles. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. My first car was a '70 Maverick Grabber (great car), then a '83 Mustang GT (fun blowing the imports away back then), '86 Mustang GT( I tell you I got 40 mpg doing 65 mph on freeway, drove 107 miles and took 2.67gals), '70 Mustang, '89 Escort GT(too hard on it wore out the front tires in 14,000 miles back to a V8), the '92 Mustang LX and a '03 Mustang Cobra.
Ford's forever for me!