Walking To School

One day on my way to the high school where i went.A buddy of mine at the time saw me walking to school stopped and picked me up i got in that car and have been a ford man ever since.My moto is
FOMOCO is the only way to go!!!!
Michael Kellum 01/28/2012
The title "Walking to school" caught my attention. I was ten years old, and would walk past a brand new 1969 Forest green Mach1. Right there and then began my quest for a 169 Mach1. Once I was of age, I went and looked at every Mach1 listed in the classified section of the local paper. (No computers back then). I was always out bid by someone whose Mom and Dad was backing them finacially. I had $1500 to use in my efforts. Finally I found a 1970 Mach 1. I bought the car for $600 in 1978. I still have her today. She goes nicely with all my other Fords. My 2006 GT convertible Mustang. My 2009 Mercury Milan. My 2002 Ford Escape. My 2011 F510 Super Crew Lariat, and my 1997 F150 ext cab XLT. My Dad owned Fords, and that's were my dedication to the brand began, but those walks home from school back in 1969, sealed the deal.
Keon Gibbs 01/28/2012
cool beans..^_^