Waiting On Nmbr 50

My Dad's first new Ford vehicle was a 1961 F-100. It was one of those unibody pickups; a longbed with the six cylinder and the three speed with the shifter on the column, light blue in color. He owned that truck for nearly forty years. He and my Mother bought several other new Fords while I was growing up. I think my earliest memory as a child was when my Dad and I went to look at some new Ford pickups in 1972. The Ford dealer at that time in my hometown of Ponca city,Oklahoma was Jack Bowker Ford. It was located downtown in a large brick building and the new trucks were located up on the top of the building. Moving along... My first new Ford vehicle was a red 1988 Ranger. Shortly thereafter I purchased a slightly used '88 5.0 Mustang. Since then I have owned a few other lesser Mustangs and a slew of other vehicles; nearly fifty in all(I've kept track) Along the way, life kind of got in the way. Then I saw a little movie called `Gone in 60 seconds'. In the movie, He just can't seem to get that one elusive Mustang. Like me, something would always have a way of sidetracking that goal. But now the goal is clear. Things are happening that will soon make my dream of a late model Mustang convertible a reality. It is my dream-my passion. And the license plate shall read NMBR 50