Uncle Mitchell

I was a senior in high school when my uncle Timmy bought his '85 GT. I remember going to N.H.R.A. races to watch Bob Glidden dominate pro stocks in it.Well ,he got the mustang bug from his older brother,my uncle mitchell. Well fast forward to 2013,Mitchell has been passed away for 5 years now and timmy is battling effects of a major stroke.I have owned 3 mustangs so far,a '91,'01,and now '11,all GT's.I loved driving them all,I still own the '91,and 2011.  Uncle Mitchell never got to own a newer 'stang,but I can hear his Mmmm ,mmm mmm,when he hears one drive by,especially with flowmasters.I guess it's fair to say I'm a sentimental old man at 47.I miss him alot,but I carry on the Mustang gene.I just wonder whats to become of our beloved pony,I trust FoMoCo  will hit another one out the park. Although I may not have the means to own another one for some time,I'm gonna be the loudest one cheering when the 2015 gallups this way. Maybe my nephew might even hear Mitchell,when I see it go by Mmmm mmm mmm.