Two Mustangs, One Day

When I was in high school my mom got her first new Mustang. I remember all the great memories I had in this car and how great of a car it was so In 2010 I decided to get me one. When me and mom went over to the dealer she got her Mustang from they did not have the color I wanted so I had them order me a Mustang in Grabber Blue. While leaving the dealership we pass a Roush Mustang at another dealership and Mom talks bout how its amazing and the perfect Mustang. The days go by while i wait on my Mustang and mom keeps talking about this Roush. So we get the call to pick my new Mustang up and to my amazement the roush is still at the dealer ship eye sight away from my dealership. So we pick my Mustang up and take mom straight to the dealer with the Roush and tell her she is to drive it. She says its probably too much, or too many miles, or they wont give her a good deal on her 2005 Mustang as a trade in, but drives it and falls even more in love. The car only had 1500 miles. The dealer and her talk and we both take new mustangs home the same day. the Picture is actually from the dealership when she test drove hers and i had just picked up mine.