Two More Mustang Owners

By Tim B.

After I got my convertible, my son graduated from college and landed a good job. He was due for a new car, and was looking at Ford's. He found out a base 2011 Mustang coupe was within his reach, and bought one.

My buddy Kenny, a boating friend also liked my car, and I let him drive mine a couple times. He now owns a red convertible with the Pony package. Everyone is smiling!
Tim Bartkowiak 12/09/2011
Hopefully, you're younger than me. I waited until I was 50 to get mine, opting for more practical rides. Mustangs are great cars, and glad my son got his at 22.
I also bought and own my first Mustang! After watching the evolution of the Stang, I grabbed the reins at the moment when the 2011 Mustang GT model came out and named my car The Stanginator!