True Mustang Fan

Ford Mustang?

My name is David Hare and I am the biggest mustang fan out there. Im 18 years old and currently attending university of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. I recently have sold my baby, a 2005 mustang v6 white with blue stripes and alot of mods, to pay for my tuition bills... Every penny I earned from work (Ford Dealership) goes to school, but with any extra i could extract I put into my car.

The reason I send this to you isnt for empathy or anything like that, but to show how mustangs are my life. Im a huge fan of the mustang customizer. It allows me to express an unique touch to make a mustang not just another fast car on the road but an expression of me. To that I owe you guys everything to how my car became so family like and meaningful to me.

Sincerely, A true mustang fan
Michael A 10/27/2013
Nice Car!