This Pony Was Built Well

By Al M.

we recently made a road trip from tucson, az to flagstaff az to attend a car show with our car club, So AZ Mustang club. We filled our tank and it said "352 miles to empty".we arrived in flagstaff, surely one of the only mustangs on the same tank! after the 256 mile trip and a saturday car show, we took a more rural route to other cities. On the trip home I took the picture of my speedo/odo showing we were travelling at 80 mph, and achieving 31.5 miles per gallon!! I assure you we were not in the "slow lane". now we are looking for more places to drive tojust to enjoy this amazing car. This is the fourth mustang in our corral!
Bull 09/19/2012
No effing way ! The tires are just simply lifted off the gas! look at the low tire image on the speedo..
Niral V 09/17/2012
looks like the low tire pressure may have helped lol.. it is a beautiful car