The Xtreme Pony Express

My oldest son bought a 2008 Ford Mustang GT in the autumn of 2007. He began to modify the car in early 2008. Twin Turbo Chargers were added tucked neatly under the engine to dissapate heat they created. After several dyno runs and tunes we were ready to test the car and our grit so we headed out to the Texas Mile. It is a place in south Texas where you can run your car as fast as you can for one mile. The day of the run was electric, the sky was as blue as I had ever seen and the wind was to our rear end during the run. I ran the car first with 11 lbs of boost on the turbos. I had raced at quarter mile tracks before and made a few highway runs but this was a first for me, all out, wide open. I finally reached the starting line after about a 45 minute wait for others ahead of me and I got the flag to go. I had to feather into the throttle to keep from just burning the tires off the car but then about 80 or 90 MPH she hooked up and I opened her wide open. Before I knew it I was at the 3/4 mile marker and the final marker was coming up fast. I blew threw the speed trap and began to brake the car to slow down. Being my first run I didn't brake hard enough and had to go off the end of the track for about 150 feet to slow enough to turn around. I got back on the return track and proceeded to the time booth where they print out your electronic speed on a ticket and give to you. I was already pumped up with adrenalin, but when I saw my speed was 173.8 MPH I was shocked to have known I just went the fastest in my life in my son's Mustang. We added another 2 lbs of boost, up to 13 lbs. now and my youngest son made a run with the Mustang. This time he ran it up to 174.5 MPH. It was an event of a life time for all of us. It was the day we ran the Xtreme Pony Express.
Sergio Rodriguez 02/07/2012
I've gone 140mph a few times and it is insane and the adrenaline is amazing. I only have a few mods but I'm sure the turbos pinned you back In your seat.
N. Rodriguez 01/10/2012
And people say 4.6L Mustangs will never be as potent as the new 5.0L Stangs. Glad to see you proved them wrong, this makes me feel even better to own a 4.6 myself. Aside from all that though, what was the 1/4 mile time?
Sam Boswell III 12/31/2011
Holy cow. That is quick. Ive never heard of a Mustang that goes that fast.
Sasha Jaafari 12/28/2011
What was the time? ? @ 174.5
Andy Liu 12/26/2011
Wowo! BT!