The Story Of The Mustang In My Family

In 1965, my father was 28 years old and single. He went to local dealership in Athens, Al called Jack Yarbrough ford and fell in love with a white 1965 Ford mustang. It was his pride and joy. He always talked about how much fun the mustang was with its 289 v8 and automatic transmission. It even had a bench seat with an armrest. In 1966, he and my mother were married. My mother always talked about how much she loved the car and the fun trips they took in it. In 1971, I was born an we were a happy family. In 1972, my father was car pooling to work with 4 other guys and realized he had to get a larger vehicle. He sold his beautiful mustang and bought a larger Ford car. For 40 years my dad talked about how much he missed his mustang. In July of 2012, I purchased my first mustang. It had been 40 years since my family had owned one. It was the color I always wanted. Grabber blue 5.0 with an automatic transmission. As soon as I left the dealer,which is the same dealer lot my dad bought his mustang, only the name has changed to Mclary Ford, I drove to my dads house. He is 75 now and gets around great. I pulled up in the drive and I saw his eyes light up. I handed him the keys and said to him lets go for a drive. When we got on the road, my dad gave it some gas and the 5.0 took off like a rocket. My dad was smiling when a he looked at mee and said,"You know I believe this mustang is a little faster than my mustang with the 289 V8." My dad was grinning from ear to ear as we pulled back in the drive. 40 years may have passed,but I could tell my dad was 28 all over again.