The Right Time

I have always admired and desired to own a Ford Mustang. My admiration of the Mustang began as a child and was fueled when a high school friend of mine purchased a 1967 canary yellow Mustang. I could not afford a Mustang at the time nor could I afford one throughout college but the desire to own one remained. After college, my family grew to consist of three children. Due to the size of my family and their activities, the next few vehicles I purchased were either family sized sedans or sports utility vehicles. My oldest daughter eventually moved into an apartment and my son went off to college thus reducing our resident family head count. My son needed a car while in college so I gave him my car and decided that we no longer needed two family sized vehicles. Therefore it was the right time for me to purchase a Mustang. In October of 2006, I ordered a customized 2007 Redfire Mustang GT which was delivered in November 2006. I am now the proud owner of a Mustang GT which I enjoy driving daily and cruising around the new Texas Stadium.