The Ride

A couple of friends of mine had purchased Mustang GT's. I never paid them much attention until one night when my friend Pedro had a little too much to drink. I being one of the only people who could drive a stick, got to drive Poor Pedro home. I had always thought his 1983 GT was a looker but that was about it. It wasn't until I started it up that I noticed the deep throaty engine noise, that just got better when I rev-ed it up. First gear was crisp, and took me quickly to second, third just lingered there like I could keep her there for days (or until that red-line thing). This is where I could feel the power and it just kept coming. By the time I put her in fourth, I was way passed that speed limit thing and had to slow her down.
At this time I realized I was in love...not so much with Pedro but his car~!!! Shortly there after I ordered my 1985 Mustang GT. You see Pedro's car was two years old....but she still had all the horsepower a girl could ask for.
Looking back that was over twenty-five years ago and the start of my great Love affair with Mustangs. Below is a list of my great memories.
1) 1985 Mustang GT
2) 1965 Mustang
3) 1991 Mustang GT
4) 1987 Mustang GT
5) 1987 Mustang GT- that I still have today.
I may have aged a little in the past few years but my love for the Mustang has never changed.

Annie Morgan
San Antonio, TX