The Race

When I first got my Mustang in the 90's, everyone told me it wouldn't be fast because of the excess weight of the convertible top. Also it is an automatic transmission, and the guys all thought a standard would be faster. So, I set up a couple of races against other Mustangs, and even though I'm a lady driver over 40, my car beat the others! One day a guy driving a porshe wanted to race on the highway, and even though it was dangerous, I couldn't turn down the chance to show off my car. We mapped out a stretch of highway that wasn't being used, and took off. The porshe driver left me in the dust in about 5 seconds!! I never saw them again, but I am still proud of my 1991 Mustang GT Convertible. It's not as fast as it used to be, but neither am I.
Linda T 04/27/2012
This is my story but I want to comment on the comments! I love to hear about other women who love mustangs, but why did no men comment? Surely they'd read a story called The Race! Do you think they are intimidated? Glad to hear from you ladies.
Aimee B 04/22/2012
mustang is in my blood, my mom had a 68, my father had a 66/67 mustang. .Now I own a hottt!!! 1988 mustang GT, 5.0, HO . AOD Brothers... Nobody can beat me and my girl .. I LOVE MY MUSTANG !!
Tammy F 04/12/2012
Love ur 89' - I can't resist a good race either =) Never underestimate the power of a FORD 5.0 AOD =) Guys usually take one look a my AOD at the drag strip and automatically assume they can beat it....but noooot. They are pleasantly surprised when she takes them at the the take off and back end....In my opinion they are the best running vehicles on the road...They are dependable, strong and yet fun to drive....Oh, by the way the porshe you raced, I bet cost a lot more $$$'s than your stang! With FORD you get your monies worth and then some out of their vehicles! MustSally89'