The One That Got Away....both Of Them.

In the winter of 64 Ford advertising was flooding Southern California TV ,all 8 channels,with ads for the mustang. I was watching once with my Mom. I asked if she could order one what would she want, "silver on black...a convertible, she said, make mine a fastback in green, I said. Riding along with my dad one day I said"Mom wants a mustang "silver on black convertible"....".Oh" he said.
A month later , it was under the carport and my mother a scandinavian beauty looked fabulous in it and was the talk of the town. Sadly she died in 1969 when I was 16 , my dad said Mom would want you to drive her car and I was overwhelmed and honored.
Later that year I met the nicest prettyist girl, she had long blond hair and it would blow in the wind, when we had the top down, we went to the mountains, the beach and all over So was just magic.
The car nor the romance went the distance......but the memories of the two beautiful women and that great car...............are priceless.
Baher M 02/15/2013
Memories live forever