The Old Girl Kept Me Alive

By Rob H.

i would just like to thank who ever designed my old mustang. she put up a good fight and kept me alive but in the end she gave it up so i could continue. i had some injuries but the way the car looked and the hit she took there is no way i should have survived as far as im concerened. we cant afford a new car right now from being laid off from work but when im able to again it will be a ford. i hydroplaned and spun around several times doing about 50 mph while spinning my drivers side ran into the oncoming traffic that was also doing about 50, i had some cuts and bruises and still real sore but no broken bones. the police officers said that there is no way i should have walked away from that accident with only the injuries i had so i just thank god and the designers that kept me safe.
my brother did the same thing hyrdo planing at 55 and we spun in his 2006 gt mustang and crashed into a light pole we were greatful to live since after the accident the engine was in our laps
I have had a few saves in other cars Mazda, VW, that were in accidents like yours, not as close as the driver's side as yours but just as messy. I came to a realization that cars with thicker sides are safer! and that a Longer hood is way better than a car you can see the ground in front of you. I'm not in a hurry to test out my 2011 Mustang's internal strength but i fee after reading your story, I'm in good hands with my Ford.
Julio A. 09/09/2011
A cousin of mine totalled a 2001 Mustang when a drunk driver behind him tried switching lanes and hit his rear right spinning him out of control till he hit a tree on the side of the highway knocking him unconscious. Later he got some pictures of the car and and was amazed how he survived the impact. He no longer drives a Mustang, but he still drives a Ford. A 2004 F-150 FX4 and loves it.
Laura Smith 07/08/2011
My son hit a truck head on in his 95 GT pushing the engine up into the cabin and he came out without a scratch! I love my Mustangs and feel safe behind the wheel!!!
Nick Carinci 07/08/2011
Lord knows my 97 Mustang has been though hell. 200,000 miles of nitrous and supercharging I wouldn't trade it for the world. Glad to hear yours treated you the same. Nothing else but a Ford!