The Neglected Pony

Back in 2005, I needed a newer used car, so I browsed for one. I came across and bought a 96 3.8L in Ford Forrest Green with 143k miles. She had a few bugs to work out, no problem. Well as it turns out, nobody did good routine maintenance on the poor car. Apparently it had a blown headgasket when the gentleman I bought it from bought it, but he fixed that but didn't replace any other sensors or the like. When I bought her, even the chrome from her pony in the nose was missing. When the EGR position sensor went bad, the car ran horribly- but it still ran. That car never made me walk or push her, even when she was out of gas. 6 years later, and some TLC, she still runs wonderfully, and gives me decent gas mileage (28 combined) which is good because I live in the country. The best part? Right now her odometer reads 250200. Mustangs NEVER die!
Tim Rosemeyer 01/05/2012
My 1996 Forest Green V6 Mustang got me to 196,000 before I sold it. I regret that I let it go, and miss it every time I see one.