The Mystic Mind

In 2007 my dad bought a wrecked 1996 Cobra Mustang with the Mystic paint option. At that time we had no clue what Mystic meant. Dad thought it was somthing that would be unique set it apart from the rest, and did it set itself apart from any other ordinary car, so he bought it. Little did he know that Mystic didn't stand for some sort of performance package, or handling upgrade. It was more in the line of the look of the car. When we had gotten to the place where we needed to pick it up, we finally found out what the Mystic was all about. It was so unique and wrecked. I instantly fell in love with the car, and finally convinced my father to let me buy the car from him. In 2010 I finally got the car fixed and repainted. It didn't get done in time for prom my junior year, but by golly I had it for my Senior prom. Some people say its just a car, but then again for some people its a way of life. The car has 139,000 miles on it and it has been a blast for myself and my dad. There are many memories with the car, if it is the first time I got behind the wheel of a true american muscle car or the time I made my very first set of black marks, the Mustang will live on forever. Thank you Ford for building such an awesome and unique car!