The Mustang That Could!

First off, I'm a girl. And I'm a car FANATIC. I am the proud owner of a Screaming Yellow Mustang that I have named Comett. My fiance drives a 2006 Dodge Ram Hemi. Several times in our relationship, he has bragged about the speed of his truck. Confident in my ride, and fueled by a fierce competitive spirit, I challenged him to a race. Both are stock, minus dual flowmaster systems on both vehicles.
We stopped at a red light in my home town, noses lined up. My left foot was on the break, and my right on the gas. Three, two, one...GO!
I have never been so proud of my car. His truck, with the 390 rwhp, was left in the dust from my quick V6. Not only did I destroy him off the line, he could not catch up to me before we reached our destination. Of course, he didn't want to talk about his embarrassing defeat. But Comett and I, we know the truth. ;)