The Mustang That Could, Would And Still Is.

I just wanted to share with everyone about my 1989 5.0 Gt, convertible Mustang breaking the 470,000 mile marker. 95% of the miles on my baby are all city. She's my daily driver since I don't have a second car. The engine Is pretty much stock and still she rocks with power, style and grace. I had owned two Harley Davidson's of which one was stolen and the other I had to sell just left than 5 months at an 8,000 loss. So I bought me this mustang which was pretty banged up at the time and repainted It, which It now needs a new coat. But the thing Is that the mustang for which It's name means "Untamed" Is why I joined the mustang family. I always have people In BMW's, Bentleys telling how much they love my car. Thumbs up.
The Mustang Is The True American Muscle Car.