The Loss Of My Three Day Old Mustang

I had just found a 2009 Mustang GT California Special. Fully loaded and brand new, I felt like I had won the lottery! It was my dream car. Spring time and a new car, what could be better! Then, the big ice storms hit. Less than a block from my house a hydrant was leaking, turning the road into a black slab of pure death. Between two groves of walnut trees and ending in a small stream. I hit that ice going 15... That's it, 15! I spon three times bouncing off of 5 trees and cutting one in half. I ended up nose out of the stream into the road. The only panel that was left u touched was the roof, 85% damage. A cracked unibody, but only a busted knee off the center console and a sore shoulder. I go down today, I'm getting a 2010.
Anthony Cook 06/22/2011
I love that last line..." i go down today. im getting a 2010." thats priceless.
Aileen Russell 04/29/2011
That's terrible! Sorry for your loss :( Glad that you are okay though, shows how safe Fords are!!!
Philip MacDonald 02/12/2011
That is terrible. Great looking ride. It's one of the reasons I don't own a RWD car where I live. An AWD mustang would interesting wouldn't it? Are you going to get another GT/CS?